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Why Chinese Herbs?

 Chinese Medicine is important to us for many reasons. First of all, Chinese Medicine contains within its scope several types of treatment. Herbal treatment consists of natural, herbal remedies for internal and external application. Herbs can even be mixed with or eaten as food. Each herb or combination of herbs has an affinity to a particular organ or place in the body and once it has been digested, it circulates to that organ and releases its healing effect.

 Acupuncture is another branch of Chinese Medicine and uses thin needles applied to various locations on the body. This treatment directly affects the energy in the body by either stimulating it or calming it.

 QiGong is another branch of Chinese Medicine where the practitioner uses his own energy to affect his patients’ energy.

 All three of these branches have their strong and weak points. No one treatment is going to be the best for every possible ailment. All three can be performed on oneself, however, it is difficult to reach certain areas of your own body to perform Acupuncture and QiGong requires still more training and practice. Of these three, Herbal Medicine is the one that best lends itself to use by the patient himself. (If you have the QiGong skills, I would also recommend that as well.)

 I feel that the patient should be involved in his own treatment rather than to rely entirely on someone else to diagnose and treat him. If you get involved and begin to understand the how and why of your illnesses, you will be better able to make choices that will help your recovery. And I’m not talking just about herbs. Food and lifestyle choices affect your heath, too. The more you understand, the more good you can do for yourself. Until you are able to diagnose and treat yourself, you must rely on someone else. However, you can begin your own training immediately. There are several good books and Web sites that are very informative. The more you learn, the better able you will be to participate in your own health care.

 Chinese Herbal Medicine has been in continuous use for many centuries. It has proven remedies for anything mankind can catch. These remedies are the result of countless refinements by countless doctors from ancient times right on through to today. Today’s remedies are gentle in their action and, when properly selected and applied, are safe and produce no side effects.

 You can buy herbs in many places these days. Even many local grocery stores carry some herbal products. There are herbal stores and mail-order and Internet stores, too. When selecting a place to purchase your herbs, quality should be most important. Be certain that the products you choose are of the highest quality. Poor quality herbs will perform poorly and will, in the long run, cost more to successfully treat a specific condition. It would be a shame for you to lose interest in Herbal Medicine just because of some cheap, low-quality herbs. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that expensive herbs are better. Shop around and compare prices. Try out the products and decide for yourself. After all, how they work for you should be the final word.
Ed Reinhard
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